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Our work within Romania

In Romania our first priority is a joint one of both public health education and programs of poverty reduction. We work in collaboration with public health and medical authorities. We work in the poorest area of Romania in the Counties of the North East.


All of the work is undertaken by Brian Douglas and our small team of volunteers who all participate in these noble actions for the benefit of others worse off than we are.

We have a program of health education for children as well as for older students and a parent program too.  Disease and illness can often be avoided by taking a few simple precautionary steps.

Along with this we work to raise standards in the poorest of families and amongst old aged pensioners as well who often feel frightened and alone by counseling and helping them with various issues.

 We support minority group inclusion provided that the minority groups adhere to Romanian laws fully and apply for their legal rights as Romanian citizens if born within the Country.

We support the Police in their crime prevention actions and advocate for a reduction in organized crime including offering advice about crime prevention.

We also support a ban on illegal drugs and the closing of weed shops and their internet sites in Romania.



Drug prevention with Police, RCHF and Eurad



Top Up Food Aid












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The foundation is ANBI(Docnr: 58253) accepted by the Dutch tax office (NL). since the 1st of january 2008.

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Project for road reflectors




Grow from your own seeds


Health education


Children learn about hygiene


Children learn with the TB board game




RCHF Summer camp Botos. 2012 with Suceava Police Inspectorate support for children

Stichting Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation places a very high emphisis on future generations in its actions with children and we include within these actions providing sound education in partnership with Suceava Police Inspectorate on the subject of law and order. 

As citizens we are responsible for our actions, thus teach children via role play and other activities the correct way to go forward in life down the straight road free of illegal actions, plus how to avoid becoming a victim of crime as well as looking after others we see may need help by reporting crimes and illegal activities to the Police, so they can take appropriate action.



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