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Brian Douglas



Miriam Charmant



Last changed: 24 jan 2021

The foundation is ANBI(Docnr: 58253) accepted by the Dutch tax office (NL). since the 1st of january 2008.

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Breedijk 25
5705 CJ Helmond
ANBI (Docnr:58253)
Chamber of commerce: 17229222


The following volunteer board members represent St RCHF.

Miriam Charmant.
Brian Douglas.
Kent Bolton.

Our team.

Brian Douglas is a British born citizen and voluntary director of St RCHF in Eastern Europe, plus founder member of St RCHF. Brian has a vast experience of humanitarian charity NGO workings in Eastern Europe. He has lived for the last 20 years mainly in Romania, were he is also registered with the state and local authorities including Romanian Police and British Embassy. Brian speaks fluent Romanian, plus living amongst the Romanian people brings an added asset that helps St RCHF achieve its aims to help by positive actions in addressing problems in health, education and cases of extreme hardship within families.
Miriam Charmant is Simone's mother and took over Simone's function of chairwoman/secretary in 2010. Simone has lived and worked in Romania for some years. Through her work Miriam came in contact with Brian Douglas and RCHF. Miriam has worked with children in the Netherlands herself and is the author of an exciting project: Timmetje Muis, who is called Mr. Mouse in Romania. In children's books and illustrations this Mouse doesn't only want to just tell a happy story, it also wants to teach the children something about different subjects. In Romania for example, Mr. Mouse teaches children about basic hygiene. It is a strong wish and belief, to achieve goals together that may improve life conditions of those in need. RCHF really makes a difference in many lives. This is why I value our cooperation and hope to contribute to the future of RCHF.

Kent Bolton is a Semi retired Northern Ireland businessman and like Simone and Brian also a founder members and treasurer of Stichting RCHF. Kent first came to Romania in 1997 to provide support to an orphanage for handicapped children until its closure. Kent continues to support young people with various needs including a water pump for a community in need and a wheelchair for an infirm woman in past years on regular visits to Iasi were he also has an apartment and knows the County well. Kent is in constant touch with Brian Douglas who he first met in 1998 at the Dr Clunet Hospital for children in Iasi and with his expertise in financial matters regarding accounts, Kent is a valuable asset all round to RCHF. Kent and Brian meet several times a year and view the ongoing voluntary work of RCHF.


Both foreign and Romanian volunteers support St RCHF yearly and our thanks go to all of these wonderful volunteers for their outstanding support with a special thank you to Freddie Michell, Simone van Altena-Charmant, Ionut Preotu, Alexandra Railianu, Dominic Mc Cann, Henry Ogden and Ioana Medelet.