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Emergency Disaster Relief

RCHF though a small NGO has the ability to act quickly and provide hands on support in times of great disasters. This again proved the case when at the end of June 2010 after weeks of torrential rain that caused major flooding in Romania.

On the 28th of June the river bank swollen with water broke away in Dorohoi town in Botosani County causing a wall of water over 2 meters high to flood around half the town that evening. As the wall of water hit low lying residential dwellings it destroyed all within its path and sadly some lives where lost that evening. Others who escaped and fled to higher ground found that their homes in many cases had collapsed in the water and for others their homes were so badly damaged that they have to be demolished. The end situation was that many families lost everything they owned and had only the clothes they stood up in. Water wells were infected and the small of sewerage along with plagues of mosquitoes brought also a major health hazard.

RCHF was quickly on sight and made a evaluation of what could be done to help those who had lost everything. We contacted partner NGOs who sent over 30 tons of aid including fresh drinking water, food and essential supplies like beds, mattresses and clean bedding, plus RCHF provided clothing and purchased more food and bottled water for the refugees in Dorohoi.

We are working in collaboration with the Dorohioi local authorities and are planning stopgap portable accommodation for refugee families so that they can survive until reconstruction materials arrive from the authorities and work can be completed.

For further details see PDF Dorohoi disaster 2010

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