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Last changed: 24 jan 2021

The foundation is ANBI(Docnr: 58253) accepted by the Dutch tax office (NL). since the 1st of january 2008.

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St RCHF volunteer holiday helpers required.

Each year St RCHF provides holiday for deserving children who because of circumstances reduced have no possibility of even 1 day’s holiday away from home. Children come from families within northeast Romania and from children’s care homes. In 2014 we are planning a holiday for no less than 60 children of mixed ages by providing 3 separate holiday weeks with 20 children at each holiday venue.

Suceava County is a county with beautiful mountain landscapes and a host of nature combined with biodiversity and ideal venue for children to enjoy a week’s holiday in a safe organized setting. We have 2 separate sites this year both offering wonderful scenery in open countryside filled with clean air with plenty of activities planned for children to enjoy!

St RCHF holidays are traditional camping holidays were both children and staff sleep in tents. These holidays are free to every child chosen to participate. Children enjoy healthy camp food, organized games, nature trails, education on a range of subjects applicable to young people in small sessions, nightly camp fires were children can enjoy the warmth of a natural camp fire, plus sing tradition songs and much more spread over a wonderful weeks holiday.

If you are over 18 years of age why not choose to combine your holiday time by coming and helping us make this camping holiday a memorable one for the children who will attend this year here in Romania?

In recent years we have had UK volunteers from St Laurence education trust, plus 2 school headmistresses, a sports teacher, Police officers, school teacher, local council worker and Romanian volunteer students.

You will be in good company, will enjoy yourself as you help others less fortunate than you are and will also have free time to explore the beauty of the area also! 3 free meals a day provided for children and staff, plus treats and you will have a nice tent to sleep in, plus there are toilet facilities on site. Romanian summer weather is tropical with temperatures of well over 30C in the daytimes!

Unlike many charities we ask for no payments or fees from you. Your only requirements financially are your fare to and from Romania (low cost air fares are available) and your own pocket money.

We do ask on application to provide a criminal records check via your police office as we work with vulnerable children.

For further details please contact us at email address


Combine your holiday with volunteering at RCHF

Would you like to help us in our Humanitarian voluntary community work, enjoy the culture and friendliness of the Romanian people and visit Palaces and monasteries?

Lend your heart and help bring joy and happiness to the neediest of children, families and senior citizens in Romania, bringing with you a spirit of universal love and care on a holiday adventure in our volunteer RCHF program.
The neediest of people appreciate the kindness of an adult.
You can help lift spirits, bring hope for a better future, plus make new friends in your vacation as a volunteer with RCHF. There is also lots of free time to explore the wonders
of Romania and see the fabulous sights, learn the rich culture, join in with events and taste the superb natural traditional Romanian food and fine wine.

By joining in one of our volunteer programs you will enjoy a great holiday and be able to put a bit back into society by giving friendly support to some of the poorest of people in Europe today.

Please have a look at the brochure for more information
 For further information contact: