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Last changed: 24 jan 2021

The foundation is ANBI (Docnr: 58253) accepted by the Dutch tax office (NL). since the 1st of january 2008.

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Timmy Mouse

Timmetje Muis known in English as Timmy mouse is the brainchild of Dutch artist Miriam Charmant from Helmond province in The Netherlands who produces wonderful artworks and children’s educational books including early learning books that are of huge benefit to any child from pre school age right up to teenage children and also children with learning difficulties.

Miriam’s first support to St RCHF came when we required an easy learning tool for children on the important subject of basic hygiene and at this point a family of mice known as Timmy family were born!
The Hygiene book with its superb mouse cartoon characters and easy to follow text, plus interactive coloring page for children proved a winner and has helped teach countless Romanian children about Hygiene in recent years since 2008, plus is still in use today via a second edition that is even more interesting and exciting for every child.

This success was soon followed up by a Timmy reading book to help children in their important reading lessons at all ages and was particularly welcome in Romanian kindergartens as was also a Timmy Mouse coloring book, both again assuring children of easy learning and coordination.

For 2014 a brand new look and learn Timmy Mouse book along with no less than 21 categories of Timmy Mouse learning cards will aid hundreds of Romanian children in class to learn with ease as well as children with learning difficulties. All are produced with wonderful mouse characters to keep the Timmy Theme in children’s minds and in the Romanian national language. Miriam even produces teacher-training manuals that are important for Romanian teaching staff on the books and learning cards.

Timmy’s Dream rocket is another exciting book that aids children in their learning and makes learning both interesting and exciting with an end result that children lean easier.

Charmant art is available and via St RCHF and many Romanian teachers comes highly recommended, plus they can produce learning materials in any language so if your children need a new and exciting way why not contact Charmant art for further details at

Timmie Mouse Latest NEWS

Timmy Mouse Educational Project latest news!

After the launch of the Timmy Mouse Educational Project in 2014, every successive year a new learning tool has been developed, produced and sent to Romanian kindergartens and schools.
In September 2015 the book "Language with Timmy Mouse" has been printed and shipped to Romania.
In November 2016 we added the second edition of the Look and Learncards, manual included, to the learning school package. Teachers of schools where very pleased with this second edition, because they very much liked to work with these cards.
This year, 2017, we are very busy creating a new learning tool. that helps children to understand and to use numbers, in an easy and colored illustrated “Counting with Timmy Mouse” book.

On the hospital front, the Director of the Pulmonary Disease Hospital in Iasi has agreed to these educational materials being used by children in the pediatric section of this hospital as he realizes that any child staying in hospital looses valuable educational time.

A first contribution for the new book "Counting with Timmy Mouse" has been donated by St. Paulien in January, followed by two other contributions from private persons. We still need some financial means, but hope to be able to print the book in September 2017.