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Republic of Serbia projects

The Republic of Serbia is a country which also is moving towards European standards and in 2009 our representatives attended a conference in the capital Belgrade on the subject of street children, plus learned first hand of the narcotics abuse problems within the Country faced by many young people today.

During our first 2009 visit we were introduced to STOP TB partners working in Novi Sad town north of Belgrade and now have agreed to help each other’s NGOs in a mutual and beneficial collaboration. Serbia has over 2.000 registered TB cases resulting in an average notification rate of 27.8 per 100.000 occupants of which in 2007 statistics 1767 (86.2%) were newly registered cases and a rise in multi drug resistant cases of Tuberculosis as well.

Serbia like both Romania and The Republic of Moldova provides FREE TB treatment to those diagnose with TB.

Again we see that public awareness about Tuberculosis and related health subjects is lacking in Serbia and it is in this domain we have agreed to work in our collaboration in Serbia as by simple education and following easy guidelines one can often avoid coming into contact with TB and let the public know the basic signs and symptoms of TB too. It is also again like in Romania and Moldova important to inform correctly that TB is curable with modern drugs provided medical help is sought in time and that the patient follows the full course of treatment prescribed. The removal of a stigma attached to TB can also be overcome via education on the subject, so that sick people are not afraid to seek medical help for fear of being re-buffed by others in society.

With Serbia there is also a large Roma population at “Vojvodina” encampment and here the Roma has been counted now and cases of TB have also been found amongst them. In this camp we have agreed to teach via our interactive TB board game to the Roma children and supply information about TB to parents too, plus address other important health issues and ways to improve their quality of life.



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