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Republic of Moldova RCHF initiatives

Within The Republic of Moldova we are working in collaboration with the Moldova medical authorities to address the huge number of cases of Tuberculosis that appear yearly and are on the rise, despite the fact that TB is preventable in most cases.

Because of the stigma attached to TB many do not seek medical advice and treatment until it is too late and here needlessly lives are lost. TB is treatable if caught in time and if the full course of medical treatment recommended is followed and we are spreading this message to the population who in general know nothing of Tuberculosis until it appears within their family.

We are making available out Interactive TB board game lesson which is being translated into the Russian language so that children in The Republic of Moldova will like their Romanian counterparts have a chance to play as they learn about tuberculosis prevention.

We are also working on cross border initiatives in public health education including TB education and awareness between our programs in nearby Romania and Moldova for the benefit of both Countries and in outreach work in hard hit poverty rural areas. In June 2010 we hosted a joint Romanian Moldova initiative to discover new ways to help prevent cross border TB occurrences.


In 24th March 2010 (World STOP TB day) our NGO representatives presented our TB awareness and education projects at a medical conference in The Republic of Moldova.

We also support anti drug policies in Moldova in our public health education, so that young people can gain vital knowledge to help them avoid the dangers of illegal narcotics affecting their lives.














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