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Last changed: 24 jan 2021

The foundation is ANBI(Docnr: 58253) accepted by the Dutch tax office (NL). since the 1st of january 2008.

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Tuberculosis alert.

Tuberculosis is an airborne illness passed from one infected person with TB infection to others via the air we breathe via coughing and sneezing for example. In this way TB is unseen and unheard, yet highly dangerous and infectious. Tuberculosis also passes from country to country via international travel, thus TB is a major threat to public health worldwide. Tuberculosis can infect anyone no matter what status, color, creed or race. Because of often sub standard living conditions, lack of diet, lack of education, alcohol consumption along with tobacco consumption TB is attracted more easily to those who live at the low end of the social scale.

TB is however fully treatable if caught in time and the sick person follows the full course of treatment and recommendation of their TB specialist, plus changes to a healthier lifestyle.  

St RCHF works in the domain of TB prevention in Eastern Europe with a priority in Romania, which has by far the highest TB incidences in all of Europe. To give an example Iasi county of Romania in recent years had a higher TB infection rate than did all of Austria.

For the last 16 years we have worked in collaboration with the University Clinic Hospital of Pulmonary diseases in Iasi aiding to educate in outreach work, plus in schools and universities on the subject of Tuberculosis as well as speaking at medical conferences both in Romania and The Republic of Moldova and Republic of Serbia.

In recent years St RCHF developed an interactive TB board game so that children of all ages could learn the subject with ease and participate in their own lesson and this has proved a great success and is available in Romanian, Serbian, French and English languages, plus we have a full range of TB prevention posters, leaflets and Power Point materials all in the Romanian language thus helping spread the word about the real danger posed by TB within communities and how and where to address this should the basic signs and symptoms appear in the first instance.

St RCHF is a member also of The World Health Organization sponsored STOP TB Partnership for many years and supports also TB alert and Operation Asha working in the TB domain in India.

Please click onto the link below to read our 2013 Tuberculosis Romania report.


TB LIVE discussion with Lucica Ditiu